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In our ever-evolving industries, the need for information, insight and experience are paramount. Even with strong teams and practices in place, sometimes there is a need for a unique view of your business, brand and strategy. Signature has consulted with several major partners of key retailers to leverage our industry experience, insight and specialized analytics to deliver results.

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Brand Development




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What’s our Signature?

Here’s what you can expect from our Retail Consultants with Signature Retail Solutions


Highly experienced consultants


Perspective & insights


Connections with top retailers


Specialized analytics


Category and retailer expertise


Collaborative partnerships


Award-Winning Consulting on Growth Challenges


Our client is an industry leader, yet they were experiencing challenges with growth on the Target account. Signature was hired in 2019 for consulting services, meeting with the client at their requested cadence.



Valued SIGNATURE Partner

“We have a highly seasonal business that requires constant maintenance, high attention to detail and fast reaction times with our retailers. Signature does an outstanding job of maintaining positive relationships with our retailer at all levels of the organization which allows us the opportunity to quickly partner with the right people to make decisions. Our retail partners are continuously moving buyers from one position to another and Signature has relationships with individuals outside our product category which are important as they typically already have a relationship established when a new buyer is announced.”

Sr. Buyer – Baby Gear & Toys

“Signature Insights approaches their work with curiosity and a sharp focus on driving results. Their support in assortment planning and leadership in driving digital growth has been a factor for why the Baby Gear business has grown more share.”

Richfield Sheridan Hills Elementary

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your generosity was overwhelming to our staff and all of the supplies you provided will be put to good use by our students. I wish you could have heard all of the excitement as our staff received your donations!”

Valued SIGNATURE Partner

“We have worked with her (Signature Business Manager) for several years and she is an integral part of our team. She provides key insights, has a firm retail landscape understanding, and provides clear, action-oriented recommendations which provides us an edge over our competition. I would recommend the Signature team not only for the value that they bring with the initial sale into the retailer, but also for their ongoing management of every program that we are able to sell.”