Circa 1996-Trends come and go

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Aug 10, 2021

Many things may change over time however you know what never goes out of style? Partnership.

At Signature Retail Solutions, partnership isn’t corporate jargon or an empty promise – it’s who we are.

In the beginning, Signature was a partnership between our two founders, Paul Rothstein and Jeff Kirby who took a leap of faith to start the company 25 years ago. And while Jeff retired after 22 years, the two remain great friends to this day. Same goes for our longest-term employee, Norm Olson, who recently retired after 25 years! A debt of gratitude goes out to these two industry veterans!

This spirit of partnership continued with those early vendors who took that leap to join our founders in a new kind of rep firm that was strategically small in order to focus on making a bigger impact for every client. We’re humbled and grateful that many of our vendor partners have been with us for more than 20 years.

To us, partnership is based on strong relationships and caring for our clients’ business as our own. For Signature, that comes naturally as most of our team members have broad retail experience and a keen understanding of retail processes, systems, analytics and structure. They have strong relationships at many levels with our key retail partners, and that level of open communication and trust leads to better results.

As we celebrate 25 years, we’re thankful for the partnerships we’ve built over the years, as much as we’re excited to partner with new vendors who are looking for a team to help them grow for the long term. If you’re interested in working with us, please reach out!